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Online First Articles are accepted, peer reviewed manuscripts that are not yet assigned to an issue, but are citable using DOI

  1. Hand therapy following post-traumatic metacarpophalangeal joint arthroplasty: A case report
    Zeynep Tuna, Mustafa Sari, Deran Oskay
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/handmicrosurg.9243
    Published Online : Dec 07, 2018
    Case Report
  2. Anteromedial epiphyseal separation of the distal humerus in an 8-year-old girl: A case report and literature review of a rare injury pattern
    Ganesh Singh Dharmshaktu
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/handmicrosurg.5246
    Published Online : Nov 25, 2018
    Case Report
  3. Intramuscular arteriovenous malformation in the upper extremity
    Gokce Yildiran, Mustafa Sutcu, Osman Akdag, Zekeriya Tosun
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/handmicrosurg.301932
    Published Online : Nov 25, 2018
    Case Report
  4. An unusual presentation of an epidermoid inclusion cyst of the finger misdiagnosed as a lipoma
    Supreeth Nekkanti, Arun Mahtani, Archana Meka, Reejaa Ravindran, Jamaludeen Abubacker K, Deekshitha Reddy
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/handmicrosurg.2295
    Published Online : Nov 10, 2018
    Case Report
  5. Giant thenar intramuscular lipoma; A literature review and redefinition of the term giant lipoma
    Muhammet Salih Ayas, Ahmet Emin Okutan, Servet Kerimoglu
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/handmicrosurg.301881
    Published Online : Nov 10, 2018
    Review Article
  6. Our experience in shoulder arthroplasty: Assessment of the quality of life and shoulder function in consecutive 41 patients
    Kevork Kaykchian, Boris Matev
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/handmicrosurg.293562
    Published Online : Nov 07, 2018
    Original Article
  7. Outcomes of flexor tendon repairs in the zone 1 subzones with an immobilization protocol
    Koji Moriya, Takae Yoshizu, Saki Honma
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/handmicrosurg.5577
    Published Online : Oct 04, 2018
    Case Report
  8. A volar ganglion cyst on the wrist imitating thrombosed radial artery pseudoaneurysm
    Elif Coskun, Levent Altinay, Anil Tekin, Ufuk Tutun
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/handmicrosurg.324
    Published Online : Sep 17, 2018
    Case Report
  9. Subcutaneous and submuscular transposition due to ulnar nerve entrapment at the elbow– Analyses of 43 primary and 44 revision cases
    Ilka Anker, Gert Andersson, Malin Zimmerman, Helene Jacobsson, Lars B. Dahlin
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/handmicrosurg.299222
    Published Online : Sep 05, 2018
    Original Article
  10. A rare case of recurrent lipoma of the index finger
    Supreeth Nekkanti, Archana Meka, Reejaa Ravindran, Jamaludeen Abubacker K, Arun Mahtani
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/handmicrosurg.254
    Published Online : Aug 29, 2018
    Case Report
  11. Median nerve schwannoma: A rare case report
    Erdinc Acar, Ulas Serarslan, Alper Gultekin
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/handmicrosurg.298997
    Published Online : Aug 23, 2018
    Case Report
  12. Giant squamous cell carcinoma of the palmar right little finger: A rare case report
    Mirsada Bejic
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/handmicrosurg.297867
    Published Online : Aug 18, 2018
    Case Report